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is a new type of law firm, offering high-quality legal representation to regular, working people. Our approach centers around creative, aggressive and passionate advocacy for our clients.

Advocates for Justice



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Lawyers Fighting Inequality


Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys is a public interest law firm whose mission is to ensure that high-quality legal representation is not limited to big corporations and wealthy individuals.  The reality is that regular, working people suffer the bulk of our country’s legal problems: unfair or deceptive credit practices, discrimination in the workplace & in their communities, employers who flout the law, inequitable educational resources, toxic torts & pollution, and so much more.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys helps close the gap by representing regular, working people to help ease these legal problems and give them a level playing field in the law.


We represent individuals, groups, and classes of people on a wide array of issues that also serve the public interest.  Our approach is client-centered and impact-driven: we go toe-to-toe with wrongdoers such as corporate polluters, discriminatory employers and unsafe manufacturers to effectuate the best outcome for our clients and resultant benefits for our communities.


Our team consists of creative, activist-minded principal attorneys with extensive experience litigating these issues, as well as energetic associate attorneys devoted to our mission.


For more information, please explore our practice on the pages of this website.  For a free consultation about your legal issue, call, email, or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

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