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Laine A. Armstrong

Principal Attorney

Laine Alida Armstrong is a Principal Attorney at Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys. Laine has been fighting for justice for the disenfranchised since she was young, first as an outspoken opponent of unfair systems and treatment impacting her community, then working with a foundation to help fund targeted public interest programs in New York City.  Law school was a natural fit.  After graduating from Fordham University School of Law, and a clerkship at the State appellate court, Laine cultivated a practice protecting individuals. As a litigator and general practice lawyer, she helps employees, small business people, unions and their members resolve legal issues and keep fighting for fair wages and working conditions.  Laine represents victims of all types of discrimination, harassment and retaliation be it based on race, gender, gender-identity, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation and national origin or any protected class.

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