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Environmental Justice

Fighting for Environmental Justice


Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys is committed to ensuring that companies are held accountable when they pollute our environment, particularly when people experience injury, damage, and loss as a result.  We hold polluters who injure individuals accountable by representing clients who have suffered as a result of toxic torts.  We also stand up for environmental safety through citizen suits that ensure compliance with environmental protection laws that keep all of us safe.

Toxic Torts & Lead Poisoning

When companies pollute, consumers, workers, and community residents can be exposed to harmful chemicals or products that cause a variety of injuries, even death.  Because the culprits are usually large companies and manufacturers, the courts are often the only resort for individuals to find justice.  For this reason, Advocates for Justice uses litigation to hold the wrongdoers accountable and to protect the public from toxic injuries.


Our toxic tort litigation is dedicated to protecting the rights, lives, and health of the people threatened by toxic chemicals and pollution nationwide.  Working with top-notch scientists and environmental advocates, we hold corporate polluters accountable for contaminating the places where we live and work. We address ongoing tragedies like lead paint poisoning of children and deadly asbestos poisoning of workers, consumers, and children. Unfortunately, a significant amount of time can lapse between exposure to a toxic substance and realizing the damage that substance has caused.  This makes toxic tort is one of the most complex areas of civil litigation, but also one of the most important.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys is committed to ensuring that toxic torts do not go unnoticed.



America’s Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and other crucial environmental laws were enacted to protect the safety of our environment.  Unfortunately, these laws are only as good as their enforcement, which has been weak due to regulatory abuse, lax enforcement, preoccupations with profits and, in some cases, sheer negligence.  As a result, our land, air, water and—most importantly—people are exposed to damage and destruction, particularly in working class and impoverished communities. Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys litigates these issues using citizen suits to force compliance with environmental laws and protect the safety of our environment and make polluters pay.  These suits include challenging violations of environmental protection laws and opposing inappropriate development, whether in areas commercial or residential, urban or rural.


Photo by Leila Eliot

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