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Civil Rights


Standing Up for Equal Rights, Civil Rights, & Civil Liberties


Despite constitutional guarantees, Americans’ civil rights, civil liberties and right to equality are constantly being violated—by individuals, by corporations and by the government.  Whether personal prejudices or national security concerns lie at the root of these violations, recent years have proven the importance of vigilance and activism to protect these precious rights from attack.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys believes that upholding and preserving our civil rights and liberties has never been more important and that holding wrongdoers accountable is imperative for the sake of constitutional integrity and the preservation of our democracy. We use many tools, including litigation, to protect the rights of protesters and artists seeking to express themselves, the right to free expression by public sector workers, and everyone’s right to live and work free of discrimination.

§ 1983 Claims for Deprivation of Rights

42 U.S.C. § 1983 protects citizens from unlawful injury by persons acting under the authority of government.  From police brutality and false arrests to invasion of privacy in public schools,  §1983 gives any person who suffers at the hand of governmental authority a cause of action and the right to monetary relief.   Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys litigates these claims to ensure that the actions of those exercising the government’s power do not exceed their constitutional authority and do not injure the very citizens whom they are supposed to protect.

Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment of United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to freedom of speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys believes that these freedoms are not mere platitudes, but in fact have real meaning and are vital to the success of our democracy. Every individual has and deserves the right to freely express their views, without censorship by any level of government, particularly with respect to those that are political or academic in nature.  Because we believe in these rights, we are happy to offer representation to grassroots activists, outspoken individuals and organizations, dissenting students and professors, candid public employees, and civil disobedients from all walks of life in free speech litigation.


Discrimination & Equal Rights

Everyone deserves to live and work without fear of discrimination based on his or her race, gender, national origin, disability, age or sexual orientation.  Unfortunately, far too often people are wrongly denied work or housing or suffer harassment simply because of these things.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys works to level the playing field, both in the workplace and in our communities by fighting discrimination against minorities, women, persons with disabilities, elderly persons, and members of the LGBT community.  Through litigation and negotiation, we stand up against these wrongdoers to fight for the equal rights that our clients deserve.

Retaliation and Whistleblower Rights

It takes courage for an individual speak out against wrongs that occur in the workplace, whether that means voicing complains about unlawful discrimination or taking a stand against corruption.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys stands with those individuals by effectively representing their right to make these complaints without fear of suffering retaliation by their employers.  The law protects individuals who bravely make claims of employment discrimination or sexual harassment from being retaliated against through employment decisions or further harassment.  The law also protects whistleblowers taking a stand against corruption and unethical conduct in the workplace from suffering in their jobs just because they had the courage to speak out.  Advocates for Justice Chartered Attorneys effectively represents the individuals who have spoken out and, as a result of their bravery, have experienced retaliation.  We fight to ensure that these courageous individuals are properly compensated for the unlawful actions taken against them.


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