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Threatened $100 million lawsuit vs. Bloomberg for hiring Cathie Black is a stupid litigation trick

Published: April 29, 2011

Publication: New York Daily News

By Editorials


New York City Hall Mayor Bloomberg and Cathie Black last year.

Some self-styled education activists have filed official notice with the city that they intend to sue Mayor Bloomberg for $100 million because of his failed appointment of former Chancellor Cathie Black.

The New York City Parents Union enlisted what it described as a public-interest law firm – Advocates for Justice, Arthur Schwartz, member – to serve such a notice of claim on the city controller. That’s how you start a lawsuit against the city.

It’s actually as easy as one-two-three and is a great way to generate publicity. The complainants, who are highly vexed by Bloomberg’s school policies, got more than their fair share of attention. Fine.

Dare they try the same stunt in court, where parties are obligated to present more than rhetoric? The claim is so off-the-charts groundless that such a move would take a lot of nerve.

The city would be within its rights to demand that a judge impose financial sanctions on the organization and on Schwartz for turning the legal process into a stage for cheap political theater.

Be still our hearts.

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