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Rich Mom Who Threw Racist Party Denies Being Racist—Then Admits It


The Daily Beast

Published Aug. 23, 2022 7:33PM ET

A wealthy Rochester mom held a press conference Tuesday to defend herself against accusations of racism, spilling tears over the pressures of cancel culture—but ended up admitting to engaging in racist behavior, anyway. Mary Znidarsic-Nicosia is being sued by a local fireman after he was invited to a racist party she threw, dubbed a “Juneteenth Parody,” which featuring buckets of KFC fried chicken strewn on the lawn, Hennessy cognac, cutouts of former President Donald Trump, and Juneteenth-themed signs and party favors. The party faced intense public backlash and led to the forced retirement of Rochester Fire Capt. Jeffrey Krywy, who invited the on-duty Black fireman, according to Rochester City Newspaper. “In full disclosure, I do have a Twitter parody account that operates under a veil of a persona—and I have made blatantly racist comments under that persona,” Nicosia said. Although she refused to disclose the handle, the outlet linked Nicosia to @HoHoHomeboyROC, a now-disabled account that made posts mocking AAVE and used a Mammy-era Black caricature as its profile picture. The socialite blamed the racist comments on the culture of Twitter, calling it “part of its charm.”

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